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Friday, March 28, 2003
Added to bookmarks

Just added this blog to my bookmarks. It's a clever point of view on the current war, against the current war, written without excess of adrenaline. It's mostly written in french. I wish the media could write like this.


A remarkable text, a must-read.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003
Thank you Anthony Davis!

Yes, thank you for letting me show how much Fox News is unreliable:

  1. Reuters news alert : "Last week anti-war demonstrators in Paris smashed the windows of a branch of the fastfood chain McDonald's, spraying obscenities and "boycott" on the building"
  2. Fox News version of that Reuters Alert, copied by a lot of media services in the US : "vandals have ransacked McDonald's restaurants"

See the difference ? I guess the day a McDonald's will be really ransacked, Fox News is going to say that an army of terrorists has turned a McDo into ashes worse than what the Romans left of Carthago...

This can't hide the fact that french vandals did burn a statue of liberty (and that does not shock me) and vandalized a memorial to sept. 11 victims (and that's just a shame). There are stupid people everywhere. Even in the US, don't forget it. And in France too, yes.

Bork bork bork(II)

The swedish chef was cooking his own leg, apparently :-)

Position: new

I have posted my proposal for smarter positioning in CSS to the www-style mailing list. If want to send comments about this document, please send them to that list so all contributors can read it. Thanks.

Blogger bug

From time to time, Blogger refuses to update my archive and that's VERY painful since my permalinks don't show recent entries... Grrrr


This is an excellent idea that I already considered for the new version of the CSS Object Model. In my opinion, this should be in the Object Model! Simon, mucho congrats and thanks for bringing that on the table.

I think we should also be able to query the OM to get

  1. a list of classes and IDs "defined" in the markup
  2. a list of classes and IDs "defined" in the stylesheets currently attached to the markup
  3. a list of rules attached to a selector matching a given class or a given ID
  4. a list of all rules applied to a given element
Tuesday, March 25, 2003
Back to the past

Il parait donc que la Division R&D de EDF, un des mes anciens employeurs sur lequel j'ai pas mal écrit (voir ici et ici et encore ) a pas mal évolué. Dans un sens pas forcément favorable. Pourtant, quand j'ai quitté EDF, j'étais certain que le pire se produirait sous deux ans. Il semblerait seulement que c'était le pire du moment, pas encore le pire du pire. Que l'on en juge après tout...

La plupart de ceux que j'ai incriminé sont toujours là, dedans ou autour. Bamberger, remercié pour son succès à la tête de la DSII est désormais le directeur de la R&D de EDF. Hérodin est, gag!, responsable des ressources humaines!!! Quand on connait le bonhomme, cela ne peut que faire rire jaune. Allard doit toujours chercher un filon StartUp et je suppose qu'il continue depuis deux ans à vouloir récupérer Olivier Decrock. La structure de la division a été horizontalisée, ce qui doit être une véritable catastrophe en terme de gestion de l'innovation. Pour tenter d'adapter des techniques de rationalisation de l'organisation à un centre de R&D, il n'y a que deux possibilités: il faut être cinglé ou supérieurement doué. Vu le niveau managérial global là-bas, mon choix est vite fait.

Allez, assez tiré sur le corbillard. Mais cela me fait mal de savoir que des amis sont encore fourrés dans ce guépier.

XHTML 2 and stylesheets...

XHTML 2 seems to me a bit dirty when dealing with linked stylesheets. Let me explain why. When a web author wants to link a stylesheet to a document, two different choices are immediately available:

  1. using the xml-stylesheet Processing Instruction (XHTML 2 is an XML language, so this mechanism is available); for example:
    <?xml-stylesheet href="mystyle.css" type="text/css"?>
  2. using a link element; for example:
    <link href="mystyle.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

That's already too much. But let's now explore the XHTML 2 draft again and find this: the src attribute is available on all elements (in the absence of a DTD in the XHTML 2 draft, I can't say if there is a restriction and if that attribute is available or not for elements in the head of a document).

Question 1 is : is <style src="mystyle.css" type="text/css" /> equivalent or not to the two existing mechanisms above ?

Then let's see that the href attribute is also available on all elements.

Question 2 and 3 are : what means <style href="foo.css" /> ? Is <style href="mystyle.css" /> equivalent or not to the two existing mechanisms above ?

Corollary: why the hell is the HTML Working Group releasing a draft of XHTML 2 without a DTD ?!?!? Reviewers waste time since some of the answers they are looking for should be available in the DTD. And since HTML WG rarely answers directly to comments...


In the world of Human Resources, relative integers might be negative, and are often negative these days. But absolute numbers are always greater (or =) than 0. We will lose yet another employee (ironically, the Human Resources manager...) of what remains from Netscape France this friday. The good thing is that because we only deal with positive or null integers, this process will necessarily have an end. The bad thing is that to reach the absolute value zero, my name has to be removed from the list...


Warning: sexual content. Hilarious but not for children. Here.

Monday, March 24, 2003
Mat is back

Mat is back on Totalement Crétin 2, ze return of ze revenge. It's still written with a hammer, it still forgets accents because he uses only an en-UK keyboard, and the ortograph is an example of what my children should not do. His blog is as exploded as his hair but we like it. I like it. Get yourself a french lesson if you speak that quite difficult language (not kidding) and read it.

Welcome back Mat.

Blasphemoucistic hypercolloïphydonia

"I don't want to start any blasphemous rumours But I think that God's got a sick sense of humor And when I die I expect to find Him laughing"

Reasonable heads
From: "Kris" <adress removed>

Thank you for continuing your "Stuffed French Toast" campaign
and not caving in to the ridiculous wave of misplaced anti-French
sentiment in our country. It's nice to know that reasonable
heads can prevail.
Dear Kris <name removed>:

Thank you for taking the time to contact IHOP with your
comments.  We do not intend to send any political message with
our commercials, rather we are simply inviting guests in for
a great new product that has been in development for months.

French Toast has existed for hundreds of years and while the
origin is debated, our understanding is that it was invented
near Albany, New York by Joseph French, thus the name. All of
the ingredients used in preparation are purchased from American
companies if that helps to alleviate any of your concerns. We
do appreciate your concerns and thank you for sharing them.

Patrick Lenow
Director, Public Relations
Anthony strikes back

Apparently, his stock of tranquilizers is low again. By the way, Pentagon officials said a few hours ago that FoxNews' report was very prematurate... A Chemical plant does not mean a Chemical weapon plant.

Last point, the list of american companies that broke the embargo against Iraq and delivered tons of stuff there is longer than my arm.

La Face Cachée du Monde, (ma) fin de l'histoire

Durant ma semaine de congés, j'ai terminé la lecture de cet ouvrage tant controversé. Je persiste à n'y voir qu'une enquête bien détaillée et parfaitement inquiétante. Je persiste à ne voir dans les longues réponses publiées par Colombani et Plenel dans les colonnes même du journal qu'un semblant de réponse, n'apportant strictement aucun point concret sur le fond. Il me semble que les auteurs ont effectué leurs recherches de façon parfaitement correcte, partant toujours de témoignages directs et précis, ou de faits matériels apparemment démontrables, et étayant leurs informations par des contre-témoignages. Les personnes incriminées ont, semble-t-il, toujours été contactées pour donner leur version des faits. Certaines, dont Colombani et Plenel, ont refusé de répondre, et ne peuvent donc de plaindre de ne pas voir leur point de vue mis noir sur blanc. Mon père, lecteur du Monde depuis son premier numéro, a également lu le livre et est du même avis.

L'exposé fait dans ce livre me semble suffisamment grave et rigoureusement étayé pour que je sois profondément choqué. J'ai donc décidé, clairement en mesure de rétorsion, d'arrêter immédiatement d'acheter quotidiennement la version imprimée du Monde. Je n'apporterai plus mes 1,20 € de contribution quotidienne à ce journal, au moins pendant quelques temps. Je me contenterai de la partie gratuite disponible sur le Web. Je recommande à tout lecteur francophone la lecture du livre de Péan et Cohen.

A noter que je viens de passer dix jours à lire quotidiennement El Pais, dont la qualité, la tenue, et, notons-le également, le prix enfoncent complètement Le Monde. Comparé à El Pais, le quotidien vespéral français de référence est un petit journal provincial plus préoccupé par son influence que par le journalisme.


Gabriel walked for the first time last week. 2 steps, then 5, then 12. He is now running in our flat and we have to hide another group of dangerous items... The joys of having children :-) Then, we saw a demonstration against war in Iraq in a small and quiet village of only a few hundreds inhabitants in Andalucia. Will be interesting to see how Aznar and Blair will manage the next elections when the streets of London and Madrid now have both more than half a million of people requesting the resignation of the Prime Minister...

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