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Friday, May 16, 2003
Useless <br> in Composer

I have now a patch reducing very significantly the number of useless and annoying trailing <br> created by Composer. In my list of thoughts for the future of Composer, that was item 3.

1982, Arkanoïdmania

Mercredi matin dernier, la grève des transports a visiblement été reconduite, il faut que je prenne ma moto pour me rendre au boulot. Après moultes péripéties, j'arrive enfin sur Neuilly, où sont les bureaux de Netscape. Passage piéton. Une blonde s'engage presque sous ma roue. Je la regarde, scié. et je dis "Bonjour Anne". Anne Guillaumin. Enfin c'était son nom de jeune fille en tous cas. Quand je suis arrivé en classe de seconde, j'ai eu l'immense surprise d'apprendre qu'il y avait quelqu'un d'encore plus jeune que moi, de huit jours je crois, dans la classe. C'était Anne. Depuis le bac, je l'ai croisé trois fois. Une fois en boîte de nuit dans un bled des îles Canaries, une fois sur le parvis de la Défense quand Netscape était là-bas, et mercredi matin. Elle n'a pas changé du tout en 22 ans, c'est à peine croyable. Elle a pris à peine deux rides et demi au coin des yeux, perdu un peu de poids, et affiche toujours ce désintérêt de ce qui n'est pas de son clan qui est la vraie marque NAP, et que j'ai tant abhorré à l'Ecole Bilingue au cours de ma terminale.

Et puis cela a continué, je viens de passer une bonne demie heure à jouer à un jeu que j'avais oublié. Un jeu qui se trouvait dans le bistro dans lequel mon vieux pote Olivier et moi déjeunions chaque midi et dans lequel on potachait le bac/bossait les devoirs. Arkanoïd.... Nom de Zeus. Arkanoïd!!! Déjà rien que le nom me replonge dans des tonnes de souvenirs. Mais alors Arkanoïd en DHTML, fonctionnant sur Mozilla et IE, ça m'en bouche un coin!! Olivier Cojot qui nous écrasait à Defender, le Germinal, le Zola, Rabany (r.i.p.), Foulon, Gressot, Pauline Curien ("moi, à part le cul, rien..." fut son discours introductif), les Ackah-Miezan et Valenza. Le labo photo. La belle Catherine Leclere-Bessonnet. La classe de TC. Et donc aussi Anne Guillaumin.

Thursday, May 15, 2003
Composer++, forms (II)

First win32 build with Forms support (outside of Debug menu) available HERE

Composer++, forms

Thanks to Neil Rashbrook, who wrote the code, and Sam Latchman, who designed the icons, here is a first screenshot of Composer's toolbar with Forms.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003
New CSS 3 Specs

Three CSS3 modules reached today Candidate Recommendation status: Color, Ruby, and Text. A second Candidate Recommendation of the CSS TV Profile 1.0 incorporates editorial suggestions. The CSS Working Group also released first public Working Drafts of the CSS3 Generated and Replaced Content and Speech modules.

glazou2000 (17:35:42): hello
glazou2000 (17:36:07): this is Daniel Glazman, you tried to interview me about
                       Mozilla Composer
paulfesta (17:36:11):  hi!
paulfesta (17:36:15):  sorry I missed you!
glazou2000 (17:36:18): right
paulfesta (17:36:21):  how are things in la belle france
glazou2000 (17:36:30): but you published incorrect facts because you did not wait
paulfesta (17:36:35):  what was wrong?
glazou2000 (17:36:49): and transformed my personal opinions into decisions about
                       the future of Mozilla
paulfesta (17:36:58):  in what way?
glazou2000 (17:37:34): exactly what I said; I mentioned in my blog personal ideas,
                       and in your article you turned them into the directions
                       that Composer is going to follow
glazou2000 (17:37:58): plus the fact that Mozilla.org is _not_ AOL's open-source group
glazou2000 (17:38:48): plus you are mixing Mozilla and Netscape
paulfesta (17:38:58):  if you can point to specific facts that need to be corrected,
                       i will be happy to do so
glazou2000 (17:39:04): easy
glazou2000 (17:39:07): see my blog
glazou2000 (17:39:47): http://daniel.glazman.free.fr/weblog/newarchive/2003_05_04_glazblogarc.html#s94075728
paulfesta (17:40:26):  ok I'll check it out. thanks!
paulfesta (17:44:46):  read your blog--again, if there is a specific fact in the
                       story that you think should be corrected, please let me knwo
                       what it is. 
glazou2000 (17:45:16): you don't see what has to be corrected yourself ?
paulfesta (17:45:44):  no. your blog is more emotional than clear, if you don't mind
                       my saying so
glazou2000 (17:46:36): well, not really. It took more time to write it than the 1/2 hour
                       you allowed me to answer to your interview request.
glazou2000 (17:47:21): anyway
glazou2000 has signed off
Another career opportunity

After missing the opportunity of being a TV star in France, Tantek forgot to apply for the job of Marketing Director of Mars Inc.. We could have nice M(atrix)&M(atrix) bags.

  1. First Mac OSX build released.
  2. New windows build posted: merge with trunk done, Classic theme now working.
Tuesday, May 13, 2003
Composer++, YOUR HELP NEEDED, no code

Neil and I need the help of an infographist able to design two set of buttons for the primary toolbar of Composer.

  1. The buttons both represent "form and form controls".
  2. One set of buttons for Modern theme (here are the existing buttons), one for Classic (existing buttons). The new buttons should fit well with the existing ones.
  3. Each set of button consists of the button in normal state, the button when hovered, the button when hovered and activated, the button disabled. Each row of the two links above is made of these four states for each button of the toolbar.
  4. Size matters. The new icons should use the size of existing icons.

If you think you can do that for us, please drop a mail to daniel at glazman dot org. Thanks a lot!!!

Forms in Composer

Apparently, this introductory paragraph is needed for some really bad journalists working at C|Net: DISCLAIMER, the current post represents only my personal opinions and should not interpreted as the direction that Composer will necessarily take. It's just how **I** feel.

As I wrote a few days ago, I think that Composer should move Forms support from the Debug menu to another more standard menu entry. Neil Rashbrook did a superb job about Forms, writing very nice XUL and allowing very friendly editing of HTML forms. Now, I think we should

  • check in last patch attached to bug 45495 into the trunk for 1.5a
  • move the "forms" submenu from "Debug" menu to "Insert" menu
  • add a new icon button to Composer's primary toolbar. Such a button would allow to insert a form and edit form and form controls properties. For those who may say that the primary toolbar is already full, I answer first that a "Form and Form controls" button seems to me much more important than a "H.Line" button, and second that the toolbar is customizable in the Prefs anyway...

All comments and opinions welcome at daniel at glazman dot org

(chant) Brigitte Bardot-Bardot, l'a que dalle dans le ciboulot!

J'ai failli écrire longuement sur cette momie d'extrême-droite, mais Navire.net l'a fait autrement mieux que je n'aurais pu le faire moi-même.

Monday, May 12, 2003
Composer++ naked

Patch against the trunk attached today to bug 137092

Composer++, linux

Linux build now available HERE.

Composer++, first binary package

As I said in this recent blog entry, you'll be able to find HERE binary packages of Composer including support for absolute positioning. I hope you'll find it as pleasant to use as I do.

(Thanks MozillaZine) To get the application to run, you may have to copy the files msvcr70.dll and msvcp70.dll to the folder into which you installed Composer++ (these files may already be on your system; search for them before downloading).

MozillaZine, MozillaNews, Asa Dotzler

Sunday, May 11, 2003
The whole nine yards

TF1, french tv channel, plays tonight "The whole nine yards", film with Bruce Willis, Mathhew Perry and Rosannah Arquette. Everything is dubbed in french. Rosannah Arquette is supposed to be Canadian, so they gave her a french-quebecian accent. It's completely stupid and ridiculous.

What happens to Hixie

A beer festival, dancing, he must be following a pretty girl ;-)

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