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Friday, April 25, 2003

"President Bush today raised the possibility that Saddam Hussein's government destroyed the prohibited chemical and biological weapons that were the justification for the U.S. invasion of Iraq."

Source: CNN.com

3 reasons why I think the XHTML 2 "l" element cannot fully replace "br"
  1. because the insertion of line-break through a <br/> in the middle of a text node, breaking that node in two, does not change the list of ancestors of the two resulting text nodes. Same line-break using <l> changes it,
  2. because <l> is by definition a block-level element and one may want to insert a line-break into an inline-level element like a span,
  3. because the "l" element introduces two line breaks, one before, one after. <br/> introduces only one, itself.
Thursday, April 24, 2003
Deprecation, strictness

Just one remark, following a few private mails I just exchanged with Shane McCarron from HTML WG. The "U" element was deprecated by HTML 4.0, and the HTML 4.0 Strict DTD got rid of "B" and "I" and "B" and "I" are considered ugly by the purists of the Web. That was in 1997. We are 6 years later... The web is still full of B, I and U and I see nothing right now that can make that change so significantly it could trigger a "strict-ification" of the World Wide Web as we use it daily.

So, what was the point deprecating?

It just seems that users did not get the signal, that users (I really mean web authors here) did not want to get the signal.

So what's the Web really, and why do we see there two antithetic groups, gurus of strictness and semantic web opposed to people accepting presentation-oriented markup? Corollary, why can't the two of them coexist? Corollary, why is XHTML 2.0 intended to replace HTML 4 some time in the future? Corollary, why XHTML contains "HTML" in its name? The future of the Web should be built over HTML 5.0 and something new, totally independant from HTML.

And forget about deprecation. Things are used or are not. Deprecating unused things is pointless, deprecating things that people do use on a daily basis is counter-productive.


Blonda hår, stora bröst, men bara en nervcell. Jag kan inte tro systrarna Graaf är "Time European Heroes".

McCarthy era is back

Check out the left vertical bar on this site. Just a shame.

Who said the world is not so crazy?

This is a proof of a contrary, imho...

If only ;-)

lol @ Padawan.info

Wednesday, April 23, 2003
Freedom bookmarklet

Still thinking that the renaming of "french fries" and "french bread" to "freedom fries" and "freedom bread" is the supreme peak of human stupidity, I made a small bookmarklet changing all occurences of "freedom" into "french" in a web page. Works in both Gecko-based browsers and Internet Explorer.

Kind of a "bork bork bork" extension to my browser ;-)

Second private message

glazman at NETSCAPE dot com thanks even more pioch at NETSCAPE dot com.


Ben Goodger finally sold his car, the one having a photo of Kate Bosworth Naked. He kept the photo of Kate Bosworth Naked, but we miss the car. Ben, we hope you take Kate Bosworth Naked to California.


Tantek, the new style of your blog is very hard to read. You should try green foreground and green background too ;-)

Private message

glazman at NETSCAPE dot com sends a ton of thanks to nitot at NETSCAPE dot com.


Look at the navigation on this site. Click on links, visit the site. I like that navigation, it's great. Innovative and impressive.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003


Mat should not need to tag elements with "pair" and "impair" classes. :nth-child(odd) and :nth-child(even) should be here to do it.

Holy cow!

This bookmarklet is absolutely wonderful. Document Inspector should show when the computed value differs from the initial value.


NCSA Mosaic was announced exactly ten years ago, the 22nd of April 1993. Nothing related to the entry below :-/

Monday, April 21, 2003

Netscape died monday the 14th of April 2003. There are still a few spasmodic muscular contractions but they will disappear quite fast. That's a premeditated murder. The killer was promoted just a few days before his act. Of course.

Notes to self
  1. you're lucky Arte shows once again the documentary "CIA, secret wars" the 27 at 1:55am... This is the best documentary ever shown on TV and the video-recorder just broke for that one.
  2. fix the f*cking video-recorder!
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