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Friday, January 24, 2003

Krasucki. Tout un nom... Henri Krasucki est décédé aujourd'hui. Krasu était l'une des trois "voix" que ma génération a caricaturé à l'envi dans les cours de récré ou la fac. Giscard, Deferre et Krasu.

Le père de Krasucki et mon grand-père venaient de la même ville de Pologne, Tarnow. Mon grand-père en avait à raconter sur son père... Et puis Krasu et ma tante étaient tous deux engagés dans la Résistance contre l'occupant allemand. Juif et résistant,on faisait déjà une belle cible, mais juif, résistant ET coco, vous imaginez!

Krasucki avait l'air d'un parfait crétin, et dès qu'une caméra se montrait, il parlait comme un vrai plouc. La plupart des gens, moi y compris, l'ont toujours pris pour un semi-arriéré à cause de sa façon de parler. Puis un jour, alors que j'étais étudiant, Krasu est venu sur le campus de l'X pour une "conf' mili" comme on les appelle là-bas. Nous avions une conf'mili obligatoire par semaine, le jeudi avant le magnan si je ne m'abuse. Faites le compte, cela fait pas mal de confs par an. L'amphi a vu deux standing ovations et deux seulement cette année-là. Krasucki, passionnant, drôle, agréable et intelligent de la première à la dernière seconde. Et un certain colonel Moreau, de la DST ou de la DGSE, je ne sais plus. Je me souviens aussi de Giscard, à la prestation fort honorable. Et de Jean-Louis Beffa, insupportable et hautain.

Quand Krasu parlait en anonnant, il jouait un rôle. En fait derrière ce personnage, il y avait un grand monsieur sensible et drôle, livrant en dehors des caméras des analyses d'une acuïté rare. Bon oui, il était aussi coco convaincu contre vents et marées. Et vous, vous n'avez aucun gros défaut ?

Thursday, January 23, 2003
BLURG (III), il insiste le bougre...

If you want to read another nice piece of generalization approaching xenophobia, read this. By the way, I was an officer in the army a few years and all I recall from the US soldiers I met in France and Germany was their alcoholic level, their total lack of interaction with the locals, and their incredible fear of local germs (geeez, look, they cut the fresh meat in front of you, isn't that dirty !!!).

Forget the last sentence above, that's just FALSE. That's the kind of arguments Anthony opposes me. I met good people, and bad people; intelligent and assholes; clean people and dirty people; competent officers and total manglers. Like in every country, every corporation, every social group, everywhere. But apparently, what Anthony can't grok is that France is NOT supporting current US military plans. And it seems that's enough for him to put all the bad adjectives of the world on anything french.

So you were a soldier too ? Read what Schwarzkopf said of the French Legion and Commandos after the Gulf war. Your memory is far too selective.

About hygiene, cheese and wussiness, you find sooo good arguments to illustrate your point, it's marvelous.

"Quand le doigt montre la Lune, l'imbécile regarde le doigt"

And my name is Glazman, or Daniel, or even glazou. Not Glaz.


Does he feel better now he has said once again that all french are dumb and dumber ? Strange, and a bit frightening, this monomania he has, generalizing what he thinks of a few people to a whole population.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003
Back to the past

Just found a name I know quite well through Notes and Jottings, gary's blog : Erik Naggum ! Ooooh.... At least he can say he was working on markup languages before most of the people around... I remember our fights around SGML and HyTime with Christophe Espert, Pierre Richard (from IBM, aka Petrus) and some others. Erik is very sick, and that's bad news. I sincerely wish him better health.

Image Resizing, DONE!

It's done. Bug 47066 if you want to glance at the code. It allows to resize an image through eight resize handles in all instances of the HTML editor, so Composer and mail composition in Mozilla. It's damn fast, and I really like it. Important point: the c++ version of this feature is considerably harder to do than the XBL one. XBL rulez. Want to see a screenshot ? Here it is (click to enlarge).

demo screenshot

Monday, January 20, 2003
My name is Andras and I am a proud imbecile

I'm sure you remember me, my name is Andras Konya aka andkon, and I am this arrogant teenager who is more painful than mangelo. Here is my personal Hall of Fame, recently and proudly augmented.

25-june-2002 Mozilla is a corporate fraud
25-june-2002 I send a flame email to Bjarne Stroustrup (inventor of c++) to ask him if he could have invented anything more lame. And yes, he responded.
28-june-2002 Mozilla is a multi-billion dollar theft
01-jan-2003 I am disgusted over the choice of Mozilla's artwork. I do not see how the people over at Mozilla do not feel sickened that the artwork they use is copied from a system that killed 100 million people. "Enjoy" an art exhibit aggregating the Nazi svastika, the Mozilla star, the $ char and the AOL logo.
01-jan-2003 I have uncovered that Zeldman is not the great guy he wants everyone to think he is. And yes, he responded.
01-jan-2003 Netscape programmer Daniel Glazman tried to talk to me over AIM. He argued in a childish, you know the "Anna Nicole Smith" type way. Perhaps, he tried lower me to his level to expose me or something, but anyways I could not drag an intelligent sentence out of him. (glazou says BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Anna Nicole Smith has more neurones in her breast than this guy in his brain apparently!)
BLURG (Balivernes Lamentables à l'Usage Réservé des Gogos)

From time to time, I read an online article that makes me scream. Anthony easily wins today's contest.

Time magazine has an interesting article on European hatred towards the United States here.

Yes, I agree. The article is interesting and frigthening.

Unfortunately keeping a lot of aspects in the shadow, like the fact that even the most pro-americans in Europe are tired of the way the Bush team is acting these days. Or like the fact that nobody here makes the confusion between the US government and the Americans.

I'll sum it up for you:

Europeans are jealous of America's power and wealth, and they are upset because America never listens to Europe.

Not really. Most of Europeans think that the US make a nice confusion between "the interests of the World" and "the interests of our own petroleum industry" for instance. Most people think that US power is badly used because it does not really serve the interest of anybody but industrial and financial corporations.

Well exssscuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusse me. If Europe wasn't so damn whiny and incompetent when it came to handling problems maybe we COULD sit back and take a breather.

The US are a young country is terms of History and international relations. We are a young continent in terms of a Federation; the European Union is not yet achieved. It took hundreds of years before the south of the US and the north of US accept to share the same federal system. Don't expect from others to do it instantaneously. As a consequence, there is a diversity of opinions here, mostly resulting from cultural differences, that you can't imagine. We're not incompetent, we're just still messy. And that won't last forever.

Europe is all over America clamoring for help and handouts when they have an earthquake or dictator so some other damn crisis

Yeah, let's talk about dictators: who helped - I should say who was directly behind - the dictators in Portugal, Spain, Chile ? Who in 1990 clearly let Saddam think that there would be no international reaction to his invasion of Koweit (you don't believe that ? Check James Baker's declarations from june to august 1990) ? Who trained Bin Laden ? Who played with fire in Central America ? In which western country is the president personally allowed to detain an individual without trial, access to a lawyer and without limit of time ? In which western country is a cabinet member saying to the Press "our citizens should pay careful attention to what they say or write" implying, and confirming afterwards, that the right of criticism and freedom of thought is too expensive ?

but what does it take to get Europe to even treat and acknowledge America decently? 9/11.

By Jove, that's a so big misunderstanding of how Europeans think.

That's what it takes, the wholesale slaughter of over 3000 innocent people. No other country in the world is willing to step up and do what needs to be done.

That's totally true. No other country is willing to have a Defense budget of 360 billions of US$ (recently increased from 300 to 360 if I'm not mistaken) and have at the same time one fourth of its population leaving at the level of high poverty. No other country is able to train a Bin Laden without thinking he could change his mind and attack the people who helped him. No other country is understanding any longer why there is an embargo on Cuba. Or why the Americans support some wild african guerillas when they glance at diamond or uranium fields.

No other country is willing to step up and take one on the chin if need be. Only America. In the words of one European who is not a Eurowimp: "If the U.S. act alone, they are unilateralist; but if they want allies, people shuffle to the back." - TONY BLAIR

In the same article from Time Magazine, the journalist also quotes one of the main counselors to T.Blair. That guy is the most pro-US guy you can find in the whole UK. His comments about G.W. Bush and his current policy are, well, how could I say, not vey politically correct.

If Europe would take a minute to think, they would see the flaw in thier own reasoning. Europe claims that America is so wealthy and powerful that they feel we don't listen to Europe. Helloooooooo, maybe if Europe (and the rest of the world for that matter) listened to America more often they would be more powerful and wealthy. The last place America should go to for advice is Europe.

Now listen to this next part very carefully:

I am not saying America is perfect or even always right. Don't you get it Europe? The beauty of America is we air our dirty laundry.

Speaking of "air", like for the Kyoto treaty ? Like the relations between most of Bush's cabinet members and the petroleum industry ? Like the american manager of Union Carbide's factory in Bhopal ? Like the International Court of Justice ?

Or perhaps like death penalty, TIA, or the taxes on iron ?

You have things to complain about America because we let you know, we let the whole world know. Europe, Japan, China, and others fall over themselves to cover-up thier own mistakes and misgivings. Just watch the next time something bad happens, who do you think will be the first in line to help? You already know the answer; America.

Being a patriot is ok. Being voluntarily blind is dangerous.

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