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Friday, January 10, 2003
Thursday, January 09, 2003
CSS-only tabs

CSS 3 Selectors Candidate Recommendation contains a pseudo-class originally proposed by Håkon Lie (if my memory is correct) that is extremely powerful. I think that most readers of the spec have not really understood how powerful and interesting it is. Even Håkon probably hadn't catched it at that time. It's the :target pseudo-class. It is possible, with that pseudo-class only, to create switchable tabs and tab panels:

Imagine that your document consists of (a) a set of tab panels of the same size and absolutely positioned to the exact same position, each tab carrying the class "tabpanel" and having an ID (b) a set of corresponding tabs, each one containing an anchor targetting its corresponding tabpanel's ID. Then the switch between the tabpanel in response to a click on a tab can be done with the super-simple CSS below:

*.tabpanel        { display: none;  }
*.tabpanel:target { display: block; }

Let's decrypt that : all tabpanels are hidden but the one targeted by the fragment indentifier part of the currrent URL.... Exactly the effect we were looking for! Enjoy!




Karl Dubost, W3C Conformance Manager, makes a good point: "It's the first time since Mozilla I see a browser make so many references to standards and W3C in its home page. Unfortunately, Safari's home page is itself invalid"

Wednesday, January 08, 2003
Image Resizing (final act)

I have finalized my code to handle image resizing in Mozilla mail composition and Composer. Purely XBL, JS and CSS. Just try to do that with XSLT if you can.

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

So the next question is: is Hyatt adding XUL to kHTML because of Safari and WebCore so Apple has an improved xml-based UI language in its builtin *ML widget ? Boarf. How could the answer be negative...

Monday, January 06, 2003
All your examples are belong to us (II)

I am fed up with the insults he keeps sending me by private email. Here is an selection of excerpts from his "prose". Worth a good laugh.

Don't forget, his/her (?) name is Moore, Shelby Moore.

  • Before responding on this thread, I beg the reader to also read *entirely* the linked references and threads.
  • Trust me I have been humble.
  • When the epiphany happens in your mind, you are going to realize why this was such a crucial thread that needed to me made *NOW* before CSS is ruined.
  • I could write a book on this...
  • I have studied your resume at your web site, and I do not think you have the level of experience I do with large applications.
  • I inherit from my father (former General Counsel to Exxon) a very abstract brain. I work very well in multiple dimensions. My father and I are known for stepping outside of linear logic flows which detailed oriented people are often not as good at. For example, my sister has a slightly higher IQ than me (~145+), and she can go straight to a detailed answer faster than I can, but I can then usually present alternative solutions sets that she can not visualize. Her mind is so optimized on "the answer", that she can not see "beyond the forest". Not so surprising then that my father and I are much more successful in life, because life is more about finding local minima, as there usually is not a single best answer to any real life problem.
  • As you try to migrate the web towards applications, you'd be _WISE_ to listen more openly to someone with more experience in that area than you do.
  • I tend to say things that people are not ready to hear. And I tend not to get credit later when my assertions are proven true, but that is okay for me as long we get progress we need.
  • From some private emails, it is clear to me that imo many do not really
  • understand well all the issues.
  • Why should I waste my time on that?
  • you just don't get it.
  • I will repeat for the 4th time, that I have promised to come back here and share commercial, complex examples as I implement them.
  • So for me give a class here in this thread of benefits of orthogonality in OO design is beyond the scope of this thread. That is why I gave up trying to debate you.
  • I barely have enough time to answer all these counter points. I have been having to stay up to 3am to try to answer and still get my other work done.
  • Have you taken any object oriented design classes at Harvard yet??
  • This really has to end some time, but I will reply again in detail
  • Again I think my summary conclusion 2 days ago was sufficient stopping point for now
  • I think I can let this stand as my final response on this thread.
  • This discussion is going to have to end for me real soon. I've got other work (and personal life) to attend to.
  • If you do not understand that point by now, then I do not know how to help you understand. I can teach my 6 year old son that faster.
  • I am very sorry but you are very wrong. I have already stated clearly why you are wrong.
  • You are so far off the point, it makes want to just throw my hands in frustration.
  • Think about what you wrote.
  • Not to mention I had personal issues going in the house which was making it very hard for me to concentrate last night.
  • now I see you were just trying to use a circular definition to trap me. Very clever but I caught you.
  • Well actually, these silly examples do prove that you will do anything to obfuscate rather than admit you are wrong.
  • That is the most ridiculous assertion you've made yet.
  • Being ridiculous doesn't help your argument.
  • I am not walking into any more of your traps. I made my assertion and I stick by it. Caveat Emptor. I suggest you re-read the ENTIRE thread, therein you will find some of my thoughts on this.
  • It is my way of saying I am tired of debating you. I already covered these details. Next time please try harder to reach understanding earlier, if you are really after truth.
  • All future replies from you on this topic will be blackholed. Thanks for discussion but I have no more time.
  • You guys (are there any women on this list?) can argue it as much as you want. I'm done.
  • I will not respond to you (because our debate was non productive), but I will respond to others as long as our discussion is productive and not redundant.
  • Apologies in that I violated my promise not to respond to you, but I think this clear statement of our disagreement will clarify for the list all the verbosity we did.
  • So what Tim Berners-Lee is saying is same as what I am saying, I think that pretty much locks the debate in my favor
  • next time please go directly to the point! You could have saved me about 4 days and several thousand $ of time.
  • LOL  It is above plain as day.
  • if you disagree, I challenge you to get Tim Berners-Lee to comment otherwise.
  • I can not force people to open their minds to learn new things.
  • I've asked kindly several times to be able to end my discussion here, yet some people keep challenging me to come back here. ... So I've decided to make one last emphatic response!!!
  • As for righteous bull$h8 about what I should do to communicate, go to church if you want to preach.
  • There are brave smart people in this thread that will understand and possibly even extend the work I started here... It will be difficult for them to speak up, because they know they will be ridiculed and illogically obfuscated as I have been here. But they are lurking. I am sure of that.
  • I have drawn my line in the sand. I am waitin for the normative reference ... I'll be waiting VERY patiently...
  • (btw, I repeat things because some people seem not to read them if I state only once, or they ask the same question multiple times)
  • There will be no need for me to reply to any more illogical replies.
  • I would love to come back and tell you about all the wonderful and powerful advantages that will come from decentralized semantics and from keeping the semantic implementation separate (orthogonal) to the non-semantic implementaion. But I will not do that until I get some recognition for the hard work I did here, and stop wasting my time with illogical replies...
  • I am smirking now and loving every minute of it 
  • Have fun with your silly obfuscation techniques!
  • I am still gloating, and relishing every minute of it
  • I did not reply immediately because I was running in a track meet. I ran a 10 minute 12 second 2 miles!! Not bad for a 38 year old man. Not too far off my best high school times.
  • Why are you using a @yahoo email address? Could you please provide us with an email address at your "Fortune 500" corporation to prove that you are not just one of the other people in the list, acting under disguise of free email? I use my work email address here. You can send it to me in private if you are concerned about spam and I report to the list once I have verified you are not an imposter.
  • If you truely want me to go into lots of detail, then I need to first see that we truely have an attitude of wanting to do productive work here in this thread.
  • Before I proceed to show that to list, I need reasonable agreement on issues above.
  • Your examples are useless against the Axiomatic Proof.
  • Now I will convince you...
  • If you accept my Axiomatic Proof (which essentially just defines what is conforming and what is non-conforming), then I am willing to move to next level
  • Please make sure you read the cited references.
  • I am one of the best debuggers at every company I ever worked for
  • rather than reply to your points, I will just go straight to the final answer since it supercedes your points. See the following 2 posts for final answer:
  • Also note that I think I am the _first_ person to ever provide this succinct definition of "presentation". I would like nominate this definition to normative status, This is important enough to deserve a new thread.
  • BTW, I am headed to beach perhaps for most of day... (79 degrees in Corpus Christi, TX today)
Sunday, January 05, 2003
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