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Friday, May 17, 2002
cool new demo : CSS Positioning !!!
So I have again updated my CSS add-on for Composer, CaScadeS, and it can now handle CSS positioning, floaters, overflows, display and visibility properties, margins and paddings, ...
It becomes so powerful that I just don't recognize the documents I am making with Composer. I keep forgetting about the light conformance or UI bugs when I see a frame-alike page made in 15 seconds with only paragraphs and a dash of CSS styles.
Tuesday, May 14, 2002
Monday, May 13, 2002
I wonder if there is a journalist in France having really the guts to explain why and how Le Pen defeated the former Prime Minister during the Presidential elections and became Chirac's challenger...
Here is the story : Ch.Pasqua, a member of Chirac's party and a former Minister of Interior (police and stuff), was also candidate. Because his opinions and actions have always been quite close to the extreme-right, he could have gotten 2 to 3% of Le Pen's votes. But all the polls were showing that Le Pen was right behind Jospin, so Chirac probably asked Pasqua NOT to register formally his candidature to the Constitutional Court. Pasqua admitted recently that he had the 500 necessary signatures from city mayors to be a candidate.
So a large part of the 2 to 3% of Pasqua voters reported their vote on Le Pen, and then he ended up one point above Jospin. Chirac vs. Le Pen, the result was absolutely obvious, Chirac was sure to be re-elected.
Chirac played a dangerous game here, and was probably surprised by the deep success of this tactic. Then he had the nice role, playing the Savior of Our Democracy.
Well, yes, a very dangerous game. But not more dangerous than the game François Mitterrand played twenty years ago when he changed the poll rules to give Le Pen a representation at the Parliament. Helping Le Pen was a way of decreasing Chirac's representation.
Our politicians suck. Playing with the fire is no fun, even to get the power and rule the country.
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