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Friday, October 17, 2003
Checkin on its way

Thanks to Lindows.com, I will be checking in some new stuff in mozilla/composer in the coming hours: bug fixes, new theme, customizable toolbar.


excerpt from netgem.com home page

"I-player will bring your TV into the 21st century."
Evening Standard, January 2003 <P align=justify>
Thursday, October 16, 2003

I now have a SIPphone on my desk. Works incredibly well. I just called California and the sound was so good. Sounded like my peer was two meters away only. What a neat technology!

Wanna join W3C ? Better be a US company !
  • annual fee for members associated with MIT (mostly from North America): $57,500 or $5,750 for small companies
  • annual fee for members associated with ERCIM (Europe, Africa and Middle East): 60,540 € or 6,054 € for small companies

As of today, 60,540 € = 1.1609 x $ 60,540 = $ 70,280.9... This means that EMEA companies pay an annual fee 22,23% higher than American companies!!!!!

Everyone, everywhere, connected, but better in the US thanks a lot. Shame on W3C.

Update: I have received an answer to the current post from W3C. Since I find the reasons given to me quite unsatisfactory, I'll explain soon in a new post what's W3C's position here (call that a "droit de réponse" if you want) and why I think it's bad.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

2-nov-2003: Paris -> SF, SF -> San Diego
8-nov-2003: San Diego -> SF
11-nov-2003: SF -> Paris

Hey friends in SF or SD, drop me a mail and let's have a drink/dinner together!

Standalone Composer's default theme

Standalone Composer and the new toolkit

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I have been mozillazined once again :-) In fact, I'm flattered and embarassed at the same time. Disruptive Innovations has just started and it already got four mentions in recent mozillazine entries... The last one just to officialize what leaked in the previous one... Well. A lot of other mozilians and/or ex-netscapers are currently doing a lot of things - and they sometimes mention it on their own blog - that probably deserve mozillazine entries much more than my little business in my little (french) corner. Hixie spent all day cleaning Bugzilla removing obsolete addresses and stuff. Pierre Chanial is working on the new toolkit. David Baron now observes so many areas of Mozilla that I wonder if he represents the next step in the Human Kind's evolution. Timeless is here like always caring about big problems and major bugs... And... And... And... Well, I said it, thanks for the spotlights but don't forget the others.

BTW, take some time to read timeless's documents...

With AOL, always be prepared for worse...

Can you believe what you read in this page ? And AOL's Netscape service is probably going to be based on MSIE... *sigh*

Official birth of Disruptive Innovations

J'ai le grand plaisir de vous annoncer la naissance officielle de la SARL Disruptive Innovations dont je suis le fondateur. Nous allons nous focaliser sur le développement de logiciels autour des technologies et standards du Web. Notre premier client d'importance est, comme cela a déjà été annoncé, Lindows.com pour qui nous allons développer un nouvel éditeur de contenu Web basé sur Mozilla Composer. Disruptive Innovations va elle-même travailler sur Mozilla pour proposer d'une part un produit d'édition Web très amélioré, et d'autre part des prestations de service de développement de même nature que celle menée pour Lindows.com. Nous allons également spécifier une technologie de transformations documentaires XML qui sera implémentée dans un produit commercial sur base Mozilla. En France, Disruptive Innovations offre aussi des prestations d'expertise sur les processus de développement de produits logiciels, et de gestion de l'innovation technologique.
Innovations, Open Source, standards et audace. Vous allez adorer ça autant que nous.

I am very pleased to announce the official birth of the company SARL Disruptive Innovations I have founded. We are going to focus on software development around Web underlying technologies and standards. Our first important customer is, as previously announced, Lindows.com and we are developing for them a new Web content editor based on Mozilla Composer. Disruptive Innovations is also going to work itself on Mozilla, developing an enhanced Web content editor and offering a wide variety of services. We also work on a new XML transformation technology that will be implemented in a commercial product based on Mozilla.
Innovations, Open Source, standards and chutzpah. You are going to love it as much as we do.

Monday, October 13, 2003
Another leak

Disruptive Innovations' existence leaked a few days ago, I just found MozillaConsulting by pure coincidence... Digital Style is back, apparently!

crontab for 2003-oct-16

AOL Time Warner. I am sure that Time Warner top execs already have expensive champagne in the fridge...


Today, I had to fill in a W-8BEN IRS form... I downloaded the instructions from IRS web site. One thing is sure: the US and France have at least one thing in common, administrative paperwork's quality is bad on both sides of the Atlantic!!! How can some people say that a programming language like C++ is cryptic when you have to face that?


En ce moment, chaque jour ou presque amène son lot de délire administratif mais je crois que ce lundi est à marquer d'une pierre blanche, on atteint une sorte de record...

- bonjour, je viens vous remettre un dossier de création d'entreprise
- voyons voir, ah mais c'est complet c'est parfait
- il y a une chose que j'ai modifié: l'attestation de domiciliation ne tenait pas compte de la dernière loi Dutreil alors j'ai rajouté la modification avec le numéro et article de Loi et porté le délai à cinq ans
- ah non, il ne fallait pas faire ça; je sais, la loi est en vigueur depuis le 6 Août mais le Tribunal ne nous a pas fourni de nouvelle version du document alors....
- euuuh, bon d'accord mais c'est donc un document contraire à la Loi
- oui mais le seul document reconnu par le Tribunal de Commerce
- oula, bon, faut pas chercher à comprendre...
- vous avez les imprimés M0 et TNS ?
- non, vous ne me les avez pas remis...
- et bien les voila, faudra donc revenir demain
- vous avez la notice 974 qui va avec le formulaire M0 ?
- non elle est épuisée
- et je fais comment ?
- on en avait reçu en anglais mais du coup on les a renvoyées aux Impôts
- euuuuh, bon, vous pouvez m'expliquer le contenu du cadre 13 si vous avez deux minutes
- voyons voir.... euuuh.... hum.... oulala... qui a pondu ce truc là.... incompréhensible.... mais tous les choix sont même pas présents.... euuuuuhhhh
- bon, d'accord, je vais me débrouiller, vous ne l'avez pas en PDF par hasard puisque vous avez les formulaires en PDF ?
- ah non, on n'a pas les notices explicatives sous forme électronique


Sunday, October 12, 2003
Alive and kicking

Since the 15th of July, my brain has been half sleeping. The other half was busy with administrative stuff, and stressed by daily fight with the french administration. This night, most certainly for the first time in two months, I hardly slept. I had an idea yesterday, a wonderful idea, the kind of idea that keeps you awake for hours... You pull a string and then another idea appears. You pull the two strings together and, holly cow, a dozen of connex ideas fall together on your brain. You write everything down and suddenly, the strings form a rope, the rope is a product, and geeez what a cool one !!! Today I feel alive, my brain is working again. Netscape, I'll miss you forever but the mourning is over. Let's dance again.

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