CaScadeS, a stylesheet editor for Composer

Please click on a version number in table below to install CaScadeS.

Warning : you may need root or Administrator privileges to install this XPI. If you install it but still don't see the menu entry, retry with super-admin privileges.

CaScadeS is available under Tools > CSS Editor after installation.

What's new in this version ?
1. CaScadeS was not working well with Mozilla 1.6
2. updated for Nvu, including new features (direct inline style assignment)
1. completes a bit support for -moz-opacity
2. fixes support for line-height; b=169362
3. SerializeExternalSheet was using unefficient code; b=168755
4. prepares @page support, related to implem did by rods and myself in bug 115199
5. fixed border support
6. added support for !important declarations (but please see bug 178668)
7. fixed volume support; b=169363
8. prepares support for CSS level and browsers compatiblity
(be able to say e.g. I want styles CSS 2 accepted by both NS4 and Opera5)
9. adds support for moving rules inside and between stylesheets,
and support for stylesheet reordering
10. removed JS warnings
11. faster and more efficient code in stylesheets tree refresh
adds support for -moz-opacity property, stop rebuilding the whole list of sheets/rules when we insert/remove a rule, fix in line height support, better internal objects management, fix in @import support, better stylesheet export on local filesystem
adds support for line-height, fixes a blocking bug in length units menulists, fixes a bug in Border Tab when trying to unspecify the border style and all four side borders have the same styles